Best Skin Care: What’s In That Cream You’re Putting On Your Face?

Mark Hyman, MD

Be smart and read the label and find a product that has the ingredients that fit your needs and more importantly fit your budget! Do not be impressed by elaborate bottles or famous and beautiful celebrities who tout their product for a very high fee! Choose a moisturizer, for example, that complements your skin type, and use it religiously to combat dry skin and premature aging. Do not be seduced by a product that is advertised to contain a sexy antioxidant not found in any other cream. Practically speaking, all antioxidants act the same way, to the same degree of effectiveness.
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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Likewise, it was during the time he spent as a partner in a friend’s firm, where he advised various companies on their brand-building initiatives, that he realised that the highly fragmented salon products market for hair care and skin care, worth about Rs 2,000 crores, was a potential business opportunity. During his research he found that while a little over 50 per cent of the hair care industry was highly organised, about 80 per cent of the skin care market was unorganised and featured lots of imported brands. The hair care space is developed, but skin care is still developing. “We wanted to be the company that would help develop this industry. While the technology is imported we devise our own formulations,” said Varatharaju. “The major constraints were resources (mainly money), and the fact that the market imposes high quality standards, and prefers small package sizes.” The skin care market currently comprises mainly imports from Europe, with most products not suited to the Indian skin.
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Local skin care brand bets big on salon products market

Some research on retinyl palmitate, aka vitamin A, has shown that it breaks down into toxic free radicals when exposed to UV rays causing skin aging. HAPPI:What role does niacinamide play in facial moisturizers? Geria:Niacinamide increases collagen production and also softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles. HAPPI:What role do infrared rays play in the developmentof skin discoloration and melasma? Geria:Sunrays containIR and visible light. IR rays are converted into heat and cause inflammation and is also angiogenic.
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